Trump vs. Biden: Who Will Make the ‘270 to Win’ Sprint?

Nov 6, 2020

The 2020 US presidential election race has everyone sitting on the edge of their seats. The big question that everyone is eager to have answered – will Donald Trump continue to serve as the 45th president of the United States or will Joe Biden become its 46th president. 

While the votes are being counted, the American citizens are holding their breath in fear of what may come. This year has raised a lot of chaos in its wake, but things can yet get worse – depending on your political affiliations. The COVID-19 pandemic, the protests over George Floyd and African Americans killed by policethe Affordable Care Act, the charged partisan divide, and many other issues are hanging by a thread as hopeful Americans patiently wait.  

The outcome of the elections remains uncertain, as Donald Trump is fighting to win a second term while most of the world cannot wait for him to goBased on a survey conducted by YouGov in the UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, and Spain – Europe would much rather have the pro-European Joe Biden – not because they have so much faith in him, but merely because he is NOT Trump. 

The race for the big seat begun 9 months ago on the 3rd of February and was scheduled to end on the 3rd of November. The date has passed. The votes are in. Let the counting and scandals begin. 

Trump vs. Biden: Who Will Make the '270 to Win' Sprint?


Donald Trump has already claimed false victory, and Donald J. Trump, for President, Inc., has filed lawsuits against Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia for fraudulent balloting. A move that everyone condemns for fear that it will demoralize people and shatter their faith in democracy. 

Trump defied all expectations when votes in his favour started pouring in, while Biden was steadfast on his predicted trajectory. At the time of writing, of the 270 electoral college votes that are necessary for a win – Joe Biden is leading with 264, and Donald Trump has 214. What comes as the biggest surprise is that the man – who insulted the military on numerous occasions, made discriminating commentsobsessed over a wall, passed draconian immigration policies, refused to show his tax returnsinitiated a trade war with China, and so many more that simply cannot be counted – received any votes at all.  

This is just more proof that blatant far-right political moves do not intimidate mainstream voters – instead, they gain support for being the antithesis of mainstream politics.