Lukashenko’s Administration Is Under Pressure As Riots Continue

Aug 19, 2020

In recent weeks, Belarus has been overwhelmed with protests which were triggered by the latest presidential elections. The public of Belarus believes that the latest election was rigged, for the long-term president.

Alexander Lukashenko assumed office in July 1994, and since then has served six terms as president of Belarus. In the latest presidential elections, Lukashenko received 80% of votes, while his only opponent, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya received only 10%.

The 2020 Belorussian protests have also been known as the ‘Anti-Cockroach Revolution’.

Tikhanovskaya urged the EU not to recognize Lukashenko as president, saying, “I call on you not to recognize these fraudulent elections .Mr. Lukashenko has lost all the legitimacy in the eyes of our nation and the world.” Lukashenko has been under heavy pressure to resign since his authoritarian government is no longer welcome in the modern world. During his recent speech at a factory, Lukashenko was shooed off the stage as workers chanted ‘’leave’’ when he stated that there would not be reelection.

The biggest rally happened on Sunday, following police violence towards the supporters of the opposition. The EU is planning an emergency meeting this coming week to discuss the troubles in Belarus. Svetlana Tikhanovskaya has suggested that she could act as an interim leader. Currently, she is in exile in Lithuania.