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COVID-19 Vaccine Causes Strange Symptoms In Patient

COVID-19 Vaccine Causes Strange Symptoms In Patient

September 11, 2020

AstraZeneca PLC is a London based, British-Swedish multinational pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical. As the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in 2020, AstraZeneca announced that they are working together with GlaxoSmithKline and the University of Cambridge to create a new laboratory that would be able to conduct as many as 30,000 tests per day. In addition to this,…

brexit no deal

Brexit – Deal or No Deal By End of 2020?

September 7, 2020

Despite the fact that COVID-19 overtook global news in the last few months, Brexit kept the United Kingdom and Europe busy over summer negotiating legislation related to the UK leaving the European Union. Even though Brexit took place over six months ago, both sides have been still in the process of discussing their complicated relationship.…

zoom meetings covid19

Tech companies like Zoom benefited from the COVID-19 pandemic

September 1, 2020

While most industries were crippled by the COVID-19 pandemic, some found their revenues skyrocket in 2020. The tech industry is definitely one of those. Companies were forced to adapt to the everchanging world of business and find new ways to communicate with their clients. The video conferencing company, Zoom witnessed its profits double in the…

Belarus riots against Lukashenko

Lukashenko’s Administration Is Under Pressure As Riots Continue

August 19, 2020

In recent weeks, Belarus has been overwhelmed with protests which were triggered by the latest presidential elections. The public of Belarus believes that the latest election was rigged, for the long-term president. Alexander Lukashenko assumed office in July 1994, and since then has served six terms as president of Belarus. In the latest presidential elections,…

Israel and UAE peace deal

Peace Deal Signed Between Israel and the UAE

August 14, 2020

Donald Trump shocked the world with a statement regarding a remarkable peace deal he helped create between the United Arab Emirates and Israel. The two countries, who have previously had no diplomatic relations agreed to ease tensions, with Israel agreeing to stop its plans to annex areas in the occupied West Bank. The deal signed…

Beirut explosion

Beirut explosion: Death toll rises to 200+ and the Lebanese government has resigned.

August 10, 2020

A week has passed since the tragic explosion that took place in Lebanon’s capital, Beirut on 4th August 2020. At approximately 6 pm, two explosions occurred in Beirut’s port causing over 200 deaths, thousands of injuries, and $15 million worth of damaged. An estimated 300,000 people were left homeless. The explosion took place due to…

Second wave pandemic

US Entering New Phase Against COVID-19 Pandemic

August 3, 2020

Dr. Deborah Birx, the physician appointed as the COVID-19 Response Coordinator by the White House, commented on Sunday that the US has entered a new phase against its war with the COVID-19 pandemic, “What we are seeing today is different from March and April. It is extraordinarily widespread. It’s into the rural as equal urban…

Presidential elections

Donald Trump Proposes To Delay 2020 Elections

July 31, 2020

President Donald recently tweeted a highly criticized suggestion to delay the 2020 US presidential elections, due to public health concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic. Trump suggested that a delay could take place until people could vote “properly, securely and safely”. With Universal Mail-In Voting (not Absentee Voting, which is good), 2020 will be the most…

Michel Barnier Brexit deal possible

Michel Barnier Is Confident That A Brexit Deal With EU Will Be Possible

July 27, 2020

Last week, Michel Barnier, EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, announced that there has not been any progress in the trade talks between the UK and EU following Brexit. Mr. Barnier commented that the two sides were not agreeing on how to establish a “level playing field” between EU and UK businesses and were also unsure of…

USA China tensions continue

Global Stocks Plummet As Tensions Between China And The US Grow

July 24, 2020

Tensions between the two largest economies in the world continue, following the US’s demand to shut down China’s consulate in Houston on Wednesday.  This was done in an effort to oppose China’s espionage, as the relationship between China and the Trump administration intensified. The US also accused China of violating human rights in Hong Kong.…