Biden’s Win Is Pretty Much Confirmed

Dec 10, 2020

Donald Trump continues his battle against the election results believing they rigged it. On the 9th of December 2020, the president asked the Supreme Court to block votes from states that lead Joe Biden to victory. He aims to invalidate numerous votes that took place in Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Trump’s petition stated the following: “Our Country is deeply divided in ways that it arguably has not been seen since the election of 1860. There is a high level of distrust between the opposing sides, compounded by the fact that, in the recent election, election officials in key swing states, for apparently partisan advantage, failed to conduct their state elections in compliance with state election law.”

Joe Eastman, Trump’s new attorney, is well known for being against the Biden and Harris administration. Eastman is known for his racist comments on Kamala Harris’ eligibility for the role due to the fact that her parents were immigrants.

Despite the fact that Biden’s fate as the 46th President is somewhat sealed, there is plenty of noise from Trump. According to experts, Biden is coming to the White House on January 20th, “The machinery of government and democracy is moving inexorably toward that end despite Trump’s attempts to undermine the voters’ will.”

Numerous judges have dismissed Trump’s endless attempts to undermine the election results, “This ship has sailed,” said U.S. District Judge Linda Parker, regarding Trump’s noise on the election results.

What confirms Biden’s win?

  • Biden is set to finish with more even electoral votes, similarly to Trump in 2016.
  • The President-elect won a decisive majority of electoral votes.
  • No systemic fraud or errors were yet found by courts or state monitors.

Where does Biden stand on key issues?

Joe Biden’s plans for his administration are the following:

  • Raise minimum wage
  • Invest in green energy
  • Rejoin global climate accord
  • Develop Obamacare
  • Combat COVID-19 via national testing and tracing
  • Criminal justice reform, and grants for minority communities
  • Undo Trump’s policies
  • Restore America’s global reputation